The History and Origin of Carrom Game

Ever since, carrom game has been providing family entertainment for all ages and it is a game that is played throughout the world. It belongs to the family of tabletop games and this mechanic is also found in games like billiards and table shuffle boards. Origin of this game called carrom is quite obscure, but Sources state that this game has been originated in India, but some believes that it has been originated in Portugal and even in Burma. As said above, it is a mixture of billiards and shuffleboard and in west the game is regularly like billiards. Whatever it may be, still this game is called as world famous indoor games and played by friends and families worldwide.

Carrom GameThis game strategy has been made very simple and it is simple to understand and children play it with fun and adults like it. Players often begin at home with family, but carry it throughout their life as a social activity or even to work as a break from the office routine. Carrom tournament begun in Srilanka in 1935 and in 1958, both Srilanka and India formed official federations and sponsored tournaments and prizes. Previously all carrom players were following different rules, but they all got united in rules that were framed by International carrom federation because they formed certain discrete rules and regulations which were mutually accepted by carrom players around the world.

Carrom has gained popularity and thousands of series carrom players are spreading its popularity. Sources also say that in 1889, a school teacher was concerned about the boys who were hanging outside the pool rooms and through his inventive mind he created carrom game table and made it as wholesome and enjoyable. We cannot say accurately where it was originated, but let us thank the people for keeping us united through their wonderful invention.