The land of Carom Gears and Game Boards

We at Carrom Gear welcome you to a whole new world of Carrom boards, Gear, Board Games, Coins, Strikers and other gaming accessories. The carrom boards we have are an amalgamation of exceptional functionality and competence skillfully manufactured to enhance your practice sessions and game performance. The boards we offer are of incredulous quality. The boards are intricately fabricated as a result of diligent treatment and chain processes that make them remain effortlessly smooth, without utilizing varnish or lacquer to polish the surface. Just using a trivial amount powder or fine potato starch will reinforce the fluidity of coins and strikers alike. Our carrom boards have tremendous capacity allowing exemplary rebound and are always consistent at all points of the board.

The carrom coins and strikers we offer are of tournament and professional eminence. Removing the extra powder off from the carom boards with a soft and dry cloth after the use will always keep them efficient and in condition for along period. Always protect the boards after playing with carom board covers.

Apart from the above, we also offer a wide range of carom books to supply necessary knowledge to learners and beginners through them. The other board games we have to offer are chess, Business king, Ludo Devils and ladders, Ludo Snakes and Ladders and Magnetic Chess Set. All the above games come along with a complete set of coins to make your game a happy thing to do.

The products like Carom boards, Gears, Game Boards, Coins, Strikers and other gaming accessories we offer are of reasonable price and high class. The game boards we offer are made of high quality products and hence will give a specialized and smart feel wile you play it them.