Interesting facts about carom accessories

Carom instigated hundreds of years ago. Though the origin of carom is obscure, it is considered as one of the world's favorite indoor games, enjoyed by both friends and families. Playing carom has always inspired quiet a lot of people but do you know that there are several other properties which are responsible for that inspiration. Though it is a simple game it has several kick points and this article explains you about the interesting facts related to carom and its accessories.

Carom is similar to billiards and table shuffleboard. Though it is one of the favorite past time for many people some take it to the next level of game by planning it for tournament. Around the world carom is known and termed into different words which include carrum, couronne, carum, karam, karom, karum, and finger billiards.

The official carom organization was found in the year 1956. First let us see what are the accessories involved while playing. Though the carrom accessories are few it is one of the most loved pastimes by all age groups. However, the foremost imperative and essential accessories are carom board, carom coins and a striker. Spaced out from this you have accessories like starch powder, the carom stand, replacement mesh, score counter etc.

Let us see about the various accessories in detail:

Carom board:
It is available in two shapes namely square and hexagon carrom board and accessible in all sizes like small, medium, large and extra large. It can be selected based on the choice also depending upon the player’s ability, if he or she is an amateur or a trained carom player. The board is made up of square plywood with smooth surface polished for a low friction and borderline framed, having net pockets. The standard playing area is 29''. Different types of woods are used to make carom boards and some of the Woods include mahogany, teak, rosewood, maple, Oak, sheesham and cedar. The foremost essential accessory is the carom board.

Carrom coins:
It also known as wooden pucks or disks are the second most important product without which the game is impossible. Totally there will be nineteen coins out of them nine are black and nine are white and the centered coin is red in color which is known as queen. Hitting these disks towards the net pocket will make the records alongside with queen.

Carrom Striker:
Without it, it is impossible to hit the coins. An interesting fact about the striker is that the diameter doesn’t exceed 4.13cm. 15 grams is the standard weight and it should not exceed above. Metal strikers are not allowed in tournaments.

The carom board powder serves dual purpose and is a must as it helps the player by allowing the coins to go with the flow and secondly helps in longevity of the board.

Carom Replacement Mesh, when the player hits the coin towards the net pockets carom mesh will protect the coin to give the impression of being new and it will remain new and resist scratches. offers a range of carom accessories which are quality centered.