Selecting a gift for loved ones is very difficult. But if you know the interests of that person, it becomes an easy task. Some kids like to play with other kids while others are interested in reading books. While there are some kids who love to play with toys whereas others love to play board games. Board games come in many different forms. You can either gift a classic game or modern game. Some popular classic games are chess and carom board. Giving such a gift to kids for Christmas will increase their mental capabilities and response time.

Chess SetsMany people think that playing chess game is too difficult to learn. Believe it or not, playing chess isn't any more difficult than playing today's video games; in fact, it may be much easier, even for children!

All you have to know at the beginning is the basic moves each type of piece covers in a board. And the second rule would always safeguard your pieces. The rest is a mind game. There are millions and millions of moves and only a few have mastered it. Begin playing a chess game with the pieces you can play with. Save the elaborate chess pieces and expensive games for after you've mastered the game. A basic set will include a chessboard that is either of one pieces or can be folded and opened flat. Chess Sets are made up of wood or plastic or alabaster and other material that won't tip over easily. Finally, you will need a stop watch or clock. When you have just started learning the game you will probably take more time for each move. As you progress, using a time will hone your playing skills and force you execute your moves quickly.

The goal of the games of chess is to capture the king of your opponent. Once this is accomplished, the game is over. Winning the game may be very difficult in the beginning, especially when you have just started playing this game. Once you have become familiar with the basics of the game you can expand your knowledge of advanced chess moves that many players aren't even aware of. There are many chess sites on the internet with chess masters eager to share their knowledge of this ancient game of strategy.

So why are you waiting gift this game as gift to loved ones or kids.