A fun filled game of carrom!



A game of carrom is usually a lot of fun. It is played with friends and family together. The game in itself is a lot of fun and it is a universally appealing game. The game holds a great charm that is very influencing. This is why many people sit down together to enjoy a game of carrom. The main reason behind the popularity or success of the carrom is that the game is easy to understand and play. The carrom boards can be easily set up and played upon. This is why this game is widely played all over the world. After all, all that is required to play the game is to flick around a few pieces. The simplicity in the rules and the method of playing the game which is very simple makes carrom a universally popular game.


The game is very simple to understand and play as mentioned before. Not only just play, this game is also a lot of fun to watch. You can lie back and relax and watch your friends play a game of carrom and not get bored. Today, carrom is played all over the world. The popularity of the game has increased by leaps and bounds in the last few years. It has grown so much that some people even take to playing the professionally. There are thousands of public exhibitions today with professionals playing a game of carrom that are being played all over the world today particularly in Middle East and Europe.

The equipment for carrom is very important for the game. The board is a main part of the equipment of the game. The surface of the board should be smooth and allow for the free movement of the Carrom striker and the Carrom coins. As like any other sport, the health of the equipment will determine the quality of the game.

Therefore better the board better will be the game. A carrom powder is spread all over the board to ensure the smoothness of the board. There are typically two types of carrom powder found in the market today that are used on carrom boards. The typical and traditional powder is the boric powder that does quite well to increase the smoothness of the board. A new novel powder has been introduced in the market for carrom players. This powder is available commonly in most sporting shops.

This powder is superfine and comes in bottles. The powder is used in small quantities that are sufficient to cover and serve the purpose of the board. This way the powder becomes cost effective and lasts for longer time than the traditional boric powder. Also it is less messy. This powder helps to make the board smoother and increases the speed of the striker across the board. This helps to improve the performances of professional carrom players as well as aids amateur players to perform their best. As the game grows, different types of powders are being developed for the betterment of the game.


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