Tactics to play a carrom board game

Carrom boards is a lovely fun filled game. It is quite the entertainment game and brings the family closer together. There is no other better way to enjoy your weekends by playing games and relaxing at the same time with your loved ones. The game was originally invented in the suburbs of India and now it has been embraced and widely accepted all across the globe.

Carrom board

The accessories for the game are pretty minimal and simple. You have the carrom board, Carrom Coins and a striker without which it is absolutely impossible to play the game. Apart from that you have got board cover, replacement mesh, Carrom Board Powder, carrom board stand and counter to keep track of the score. The powder enables the coins to drift through smoothly and maintains the smooth surface of the board. There are 9 white coins and 9 black coins along with one red coin also known as the queen involved in a game. 2 Teams comprising of 2 members each play against each other at a time. They play in turns and their main goal is to finish off their set of coins before the opponents does so. The game cannot be finished as long the red coin is still in play and in order to claim the red one, you need to pocket it and follow it up by pocketing another coin from your set. And if you finish your set without pocketing red coin and the red coin is still in play, the match will be awarded to your opponents. Don't pocket striker.When it comes to the tactics or techniques to play the game, it is very easy to understand as well as adapt them.