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Carrom Board >> Rules and regulations to be followed in carrom board

Rules and regulations to be followed in Carrom Board:

Carrom Board
  • Matches will make judgment from the sources of best among the three sets of four boards or 23 points which is prior. A player who reaches 23 points first or leads the finale of the fourth board will be the winner of the 'set'.

  • Game must be termed as "SET".

  • Time limit of two minutes will be permitted between the 1st & 2nd sets and between 2nd & 3rd sets. Players will be permitted to seek advice from their coaches during intervened time of two minutes.

  • Players cannot leave the playing area till the match is comes to an end.

  • After two boards, sides will be shuffle in the 3rd set.

  • To make a stroke and/or to place the penalty a time limit of 10 seconds will be given.

  • In a board a maximum of 11 points can be scored. Written off, of dues will be automatically done.

  • Queen will be having the value of two points. The only if he wins the board player will be permissible to be certified with the value of the Queen, Loser of the board will not get any point even if he holds the Queen.

  • Queen is not necessary to be covered.

  • The player shall not lose the advantage of getting the credit of two points for pocketing even if the player reaches the score of 21 or 22 points, he will not lose the advantage and will be credited with the two points of holding the queen.. In general, a player will get two points for holding Queen at all stages of the set without any reflection of the score.

  • The player must take a c\m of his own and can then pocket the queen.

  • Queen can be taken even after taking one's all his nine white or black c/m.

  • The board will not be treated as over, even if player pockets all the c/m of his, he can still pocket the queen as the last c/m and win the game. The turn passes to the opponent if he fails. The opponent can pocket the queen either in the beginning or in between or in the end. He can continue his turn if c/m remains on the board after pocketing the queen. He wins the board by two points by pocketing the queen and all the c/m since his opponent has taken all his c/m. He will lose the board if he fails to pocket any of the remaining c/m

  • Reporting time will be five minutes prior to the planned time. If the player fails to report to the Umpire at his match Board 5 minutes prior to the planned time of the match, he will lose the entire match.

  • All formalities shall be completed by the umpire in the duration of the five minutes and players may have trial testing of the board for two minutes before the scheduled time of the match.

  • Matches will start right at the planned time.

  • At the end of the four boards if there is an equal scores decision will be taken on the basis of TIE-BREAKER. Players will be given three chances alternatively to pocket the c/m from the same side as they were seated.

  • Umpire will place the c/m within the outer circle touching the line of the outer circle in straight line of the center circle on the either side of the player for the TIE-BREAKER.

  • After the tie breaker if the score remains equal the set will be decided by sudden death.

  • In sudden death player gets chance to pocket c/m of tie-breaker from the sides as they are seated. After giving a chance to the players, if a player fails to pocket the c/m, he loses the set. It will carry on till a decision arrives.

  • It will be decided by a single toss for the First stroke for both 'tie-breaker' and 'sudden death' Winner can choose the stroke or the side. If the winner selects the stroke, the loser shall have the right to select the side or vice versa.

  • If the player places the striker on the surface of the board when it is not his turn the umpire will right away state the foul and the board will not be awarded against that player. Both the umpire and the opponent will contribute to the responsibility of being attentive

  • After the completion of that particular Board a written protest will be submitted in five minutes. The result of the Championship/Tournament authorities should be announced to the parties at the earliest possible.

  • In a time limit of 20 minutes for each set and a total of 70 minutes are allotted for cadets, sub-junior and junior players.

  • There is a change made by ICF in 'Laws of Carrom' for The Chapter of Queen.

  • All the rules& regulations except those listed above will be applicable as present in 'Laws of Carrom' of the International Carrom Federation.

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