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Carrom is a fun filled entertaining sport. Though originally it was just considered as a fun filled game, it has been widely accepted all across the world by many countries and now recognized as an international sport. Many tournaments all across the world have been conducted regularly and several countries have come forward to participate in those events. The game originally was invented in the suburbs of India and official rules were only set pretty recently. In fact the official fair rules were set only about 3 decades or so. There have many adaptations of the game played in different parts of the world. The common one is the one where we people sit down together and play with fingers. However, in some parts of USA, people have played the same sport using cues instead hands.


The rules of the game are pretty simple. At a single point of time, you have a maximum of 4 people playing and a minimum of two people playing. They are conducted as singles and doubles match. In a doubles encounter, you will find two players representing a single side take on two other opponents. Usually in international events, these two guys represent their respective country and play against opponents of other countries. You can choose to sit on the ground and play the game as well as mount it on a stool and sit on chairs or even stand and play. There are 9 white and 9 black coins with one red coin respectively involved in a game. The red coin is known as the queen.

Each side takes one set of carrom coins and the goal is to finish off their set of coins along with the queen before their opponents do so. You ought to claim the queen to finish off the board. Else, at least your opponents should have claimed the queen in order to finish off the game. At no point can you finish off the game as long as the queen is still in play. And if you do, you forfeit the match to your opponents. Every time you pocket your coin you get another sequential turn. And if you score a minus (wherein you pocket the striker) you ought to place one of your already scored coins back in the game. If you pocket a coin as well as the striker simultaneously, you will have to place in two of your scored coins to claim your sequential attempt for scoring.


The carrom accessories for the sport are pretty simple and limited. You cannot play the game without the board, coins and striker as they are the basic essential accessories. However, you need carrom board powder to maintain the board and prolong its longevity. The powder domes in both boric as well as starch powdered forms. You also need replacement mesh for catching the coins under the 4 respective holes. You have a counter, board cover, board stand for playing the game in a mounted position etc. All these accessories are available online. You can also purchase good quality equipments after doing a through research online.

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