Basic principles of board game- carrom

Carrom is among the one of the most famous among the board games. It comprises of carrom accessories like carrom pieces, strikers,carrom table, and carrom powder and many other.

There are some carrom rules to be followed while playing carrom games. The most important and basic thing while playing carrom is to be familiar with the sitting position in carrom.

Sitting Position

sitting positionSitting pose is exceptionally significant in carrom game . If you sit down correctly on your chair or stool only then you will be able to play just the right game. Generally a few players will place their chairs and stool away from the carrom board it will make difficult for the player to play. One more disadvantage in this pose is that the performer's legs may cross the imaginary line which is a foul. I have seen even some national champion crossing their legs beyond imaginary lines and if foul is declared then blaming the umpires. If you keep too much distance between your seat and carrom board then you have to stretch your hand for playing, which can develop tension in the playing hand. Correct position to sit is to take comfortable distance between your seat and the carrom boards and occupy more than half portion of your seat.

Place both of your legs in front of the chair. See to it that while you play the position of your body must not be in a direct contact with the pockets of the carrom board but it must be in a straight line direction with the pathway of the striker where it is moving towards.

Upper body movement:

Full body movement: