Ludo Snakes and Ladders - A Game of Fun


Snakes and ladder is a game originally from India known as Vaikuntapalli or Paramapada Sopanam (ladder to salvation). Ladders represent good deeds and snakes symbolize sins. This game was brought from India to Europe in 1892. This game was inspired by religion wherein going up the ladders represented committing good acts which caused to come closer to nirvana, while sliding down snakes represented sliding into evil and death.

Ludo Snakes and ladder is a classic and popular children's Board Games in England. It requires two players and has a grid with snakes and ladders. Size of the board vary, but is typically 8*8,10*10 or 12*12. To play this game you may require 2 or more players, snakes and ladders game board and 1 dice. Players can start this game by placing their game pieces on the space on the board labeled "0" or directly in front of the "1" space to start.

Tips to play Ludo Snakes and Ladders

Decide who is going to start the game. Usually the youngest starts first and then the order follows to oldest or clockwise around the board. You can also decide by throwing a die with the largest resulting number taking the first turn. Roll the die if you are the first player and mark off the number rolled starting on the "1" spot on the board. All players take turns rolling the die and moving their markers.

If you get a 6 on your die take an extra turn after moving six places on the board. You can roll up to two 6s and take two extra turns. However if you throw three 6's in a row, you must return to the very beginning of the board and may not move again until you roll another 6 on your turn. Move up a ladder to a higher spot on the board if you land on a space that has the bottom of the ladder in the space after you've completed your move, which is called "climbing the ladder".

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Move your marker down the snake to a lower spot on the board if you land on a space of the board that has a tip of a snake on it after you've completed your move, which is called "sliding down the snake". If something is written on the spot that you have landed follow those instructions. For example, if something is written "go back three spaces" you must obey this command. You can win this game by reaching "100" spot on the board first. In carrom gear you can also get one more similar game called Ludo Devils and Ladders


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