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For ages now chess has been the only game that never goes out of fashion. It kindles the hearts of many irrespective of their age or size. People all over the world have been buying chess sets for hundreds of years. Not only is the game entertaining to play but it also creates a very challenging atmosphere which makes the game all the more interesting. Chess is a board game that enhances your intellectual, logical and reasoning abilities.


There are several well known strategies or tips you can apply while playing and all these tips or strategies are thought across several chess tuition centers all around the world. Eventually, you device your strategy based on your opponents game play. You have to focus and concentrate heavily in order to win games which demands greater care and watchfulness while playing. You simply will have to expect the unexpected and be ready for anything thrown at you. You simply will have to play mind games with your opponents. The game is very easy to learn and adapt as well. As for a beginner, here are some tips.

Understand and learn the moves: Every piece you come across in the chess board game can move only in a certain way. For example, a knight moves in an L-shape while a bishop moves diagonally. Pawn cannot retrace its steps back and will move only straight or left or right. The queen is the most powerful piece and can literally move in any direction for any number of squares. A king on the other hand can move only one square at a time in any direction.

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Always open with the pawn: During the opening move any particular pawn piece can move 2 steps. See to that the pawn you move allows bishops and queen to enter the game.
Get your knights and bishops into play: Always start your strategies with knights or bishops before you bring queen, king or rooks into play. They are your attackers.
Be watchful: Chess is simply a mind game and hence you'll have to be very watchful. Understand your opponent's thinking and look out for traps and then device your move. Plot its consequences and double check the move before you go ahead with your move.
Do not waste time: Don't try to remove opponent's every piece. You need to checkmate opponent's king to win the game and hence try to focus on your strategy. Keep your strategy as simple as possible and work towards that. Castle Early: This particular move brings in your rooks in to play safeguarding your king. It is an attacking move and hence advisable to do it at the earliest.
Make your charge: Once you are done with all of the above steps, the middle game begins. Try to narrow down your focus towards capturing your opponent's king and remove any of his pieces that are unprotected. Be cautious while doing so as well and predict the consequences of such a removal.
Lose pieces wisely and taking your time to play is very important: Sacrifices are necessary, but you do not play stupidly. Understand certain sacrifices and play according to your strengths and to your opponent's weaknesses. It is a thinking game, so always be patient with your moves and don't be hasty.


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