Importance of carrom board powder



When it comes to carrom accessories all are aware of the coins, board and striker but, not all are aware of the importance of carrom board powder. It has several key aspects that are very vital to play the carrom game. This article explains about the importance of the carrom powder and how it helps a player and the accessory.

The aim of using this is because it makes the board smoother for playing, and increases the speed that your carrom strikers will slide across the board. The carrom powder is something that is very silky and will give the required resistance free play area. Poles apart, it will also help in the durability of your board game. Also it is necessary that only a little amount i.e. a very little quantity should be used and in no way two different types of powders should be used on a board. Hence, this states that the powder is large enough to last several months.


Any sort of game should ponder on the caliber of the equipment. The powder is one such accessory that is very vital for the carrom board game. When you are playing make sure that you just spray a very little amount of powder on the playing surface such that the coins would directly reach the pocket.

Also by no means keep board beside a heated radiator, as there are loads of possibilities for it to get damaged especially in the polished surface. At all times make use of a spongy dehydrated material to clean the surface earlier to each game session. Always keep the surface well powdered to stay away from harm to board surface due to scratch.It reduces the friction and helps in smoothing of the board and thereby allows the carrom coins to go through in that flow which helps in fast play.

carrom powder

There are two types of powders available in the market one is the conventional boric acid powder and another one is the anti-set-off spray powder made-up from the printing industry. The boric powder is made from the boric acid and on the other hand the spray-set-off powder is made from potato starch commonly known as potato starch carrom powder also it has that special electro-static properties with particles of 50 micrometers in diameter.So, to a great extent it will help out in the durability of the board along with the easiness of pocketing the coin.

The standard of the merchandize depends upon the store which you choose to buy your carrom gears. It is a matter of durability so never compromise; opt for the best store which offers you quality products which will help you in easy play and standing out from others for the durability.


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