What Is Chess And History Of Chess?

Chess is a board game which is of very competitive nature and played between two players. Today it is the most popular indoor game played by millions of people all around the world at home, in clubs, online, and in tournaments. The game is played on a board with 64 square which are chequered and arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Both the player controls an army of 16 pieces of colors white and black with one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns.

Chess is the oldest skill game in the world history. This game tells you about how people lived in medieval time. If you give a keen look to the set up of the chess board, about the pieces and how they must be used it will make you realize that it is a history of medieval time. Six varieties of chess sets represent the cross section of medieval time's ceremonies, wars and many more. Centuries ago it was played in countries like Persia, India and china but still does not have a clue that which country originated it. In 18th century moors invaded in Persia and learned chess from Persians later on Spanish, Spain started playing it and spread throughout the Europe.

ChessThe pawns on the board represented the laborers, serfs represented chattel. At that period of time life of serfs was very miserable and they died at a very young age. Castle pieces represented home in the board. Knights were represented as professional soldiers at early stage whose job was to protect persons. There role in the game was much more important than pawns but less when compared to the king and queen. They were used to protect king and queen and even sacrificed their lives as just the same as pawns did. Bishop represented the church which was a rich and powerful force in medieval time and played a very important role in ones life. In Catholic Church bishop was the name of a priest who got higher through the ranks to an additional commanding position. There are two bishops on each side of the game. The only piece which was represented as woman was queen and which was the most b and powerful piece in the game and played a very important role. Queen often guided king in taking decisions as she played games of intrigue at the court. They were noted down for working either for or against the king throughout the medieval times and hold more power than a king.

The king is the well defended piece on the chess board and is the tallest piece also. Surrender of a king would mean the lost of the kingdom in the medieval time. It was an advantage for everyone to keep the king safe for not loosing the game.