Carrom And Its Increasing Fame

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Carrom is a game which has originated hundreds of years ago; some believe it is originated in India, while others believe it is from Portugal or Burma. Carrom is considered a popular indoor game, enjoyed amongst friends and family worldwide. Similar to other games like marbles, billiards, it is easy to play, and suitable for children and adults.

Equipments used in Carrom:

Carrom Board:

A square plywood board with a wooden border frame on all sides and netted pockets in each corner.

Different features of a carrom board are as followhttps:

Plywood Board: The playing surface is square plywood board with screen printed lines and patterns. Standard playing area is 74 cm * 74 cm. Smaller sizes are suitable for children while larger ones are great for people who are familiar with the game.
Wooden frame: Wooden frames are available in different widths, ranging from 1.25” to 3.00”.
Corner pockethttps: Four pockets are available in each corner of the board, with nets attached to underneath to hold carrom men or striker.
How to care for your carrom board:

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