Carrom accessories and its necessity

Carrom board is a fun filled and entertaining game that is believed to have originated in the suburbs of India. It is a fun filled indoor game that has been widely accepted all over the world. The game is simply to have been played in many forms and it is somewhat similar to billiards and table shuffleboard. The official rules and regulations for the game although was formulated only during the late 1980's. Now it has been played all across the world with a lot of enthusiasm and challenge. Carrom is an indoor game that creates a very challenging and competitive atmosphere and hence it has been played with a lot of enthusiasm.

Carrom Carrom board has certain important accessories. Every accessory that you come across in carrom has a role to play. But then again, certain accessories are very important without which the game cannot be played.

Important accessories without which the game cannot be played:

Carrom board:
The board is the most crucial accessory of the game. It is predominantly square shaped with four pocket holes on four corners. It has a set of drawings or paintings along the surface that defines the rules. The board has 4 bases allocated for four different competitors who sit along the edge of the square. One person is not supposed to play from the base that belongs to another person. You have red corners at the corners of the base and an arrow protruding between two red corners. When the coin is on the arrow, nearer to your base, you are not supposed to play the coin, at least directly. The game can be played either with fingers or with cues like billiards.

Carrom coins:
Every set comes with extra pieces of coins although in a game, only 9 pieces of white coins and 9 pieces of black coins along with 1 queen or red colored coin are in play. The game can be played as singles as well as doubles. In doubles two sets of players tag with each other to pocket one set of colored coins which can be either white or black while their opponents also does the same. Without the board and coins one cannot simply play the game.

Carrom coins

Carrom Strikers:
Carrom striker is used for striking the coins. The goal is to pocket the entire set of coins without pocketing the striker. If in case, anyone does pocket the striker, it is termed as a minus. And that particular person has to place one of his/her already pocketed coin back in the game. Without striker, one needs a cue to play the game. Thus the game simply cannot be played without the board, coins and striker.

Carrom Striker

Carrom Accessories:
The accessories mentioned over here need not be used and the game can be played without them. However, each of these accessories has their own role and they serve a purpose.

The carrom powder is very important for maintaining the smooth surface of the board. The wear and tear of the board will be too much without them. The same holds true for carrom board cover. Other accessories include counter, replacement mesh and carrom board stand for mounting the board to play the game in a seated manner.
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