Carrom And Its Increasing Fame

Board game accessories and its uses

Carrom board is a fun filled board game. It brings the family together in a competitive but fun filled environment. And in today's stressed filled life what can beat a quality time spent with the loved ones in a fun filled way? Of course there are several ways to enjoy the free time with your loved ones and carrom board is just one among several ways. However the game has evolved over the years is now being enjoyed by almost everyone all across the world. The game is played with at most passion and is now played in international standards with rules and regulations amidst contenders for the medal representing several different countries respectively.

Carrom Board and Its Accessoriehttps:

The accessories include a large board of varying shapes such as square, hexagonal etc. The size of the board is normally about 29 inches or 74 cms made out of wood with four holes at the corners or edges respectively. You have 9 white coins and 9 back coins known as carrom-men in action during a game along with one red coin known as the queen. A striker is used to strike these coins. A Boric carrom powder or starch powder is used which allows the coins and strikers to move swiftly along the wooden board and it increases the lifetime of the carom board from getting damaged. You have 4 legged stand made of wood or steel for placing the carrom board. Players can use 4 stools to sit and play the game. Replacement mesh is placed under the holes to catch the carrom coins when you pocket a coin. You also have carrom board cover to cover the board when not in use so as to maintain the board.

Carrom Board Rules and Regulationhttps:

The rules were originally published by the ICF (International Carrom Foundation) in the year 1988. It states that at one point of time only 4 players are allowed to play the game. 2 players representing the same nation play together in a doubles encounter with 2 other opponents. They choose one set of colored carrom-men. The game rules are pretty simple. You can use any finger to strike the coins.

The principle is simple and it states the first team to score all of their colored carrom-men along with the queen wins the game. In order to claim the queen a team must pocket it and subsequently pocket carrom-men of the color chosen by them before the game started. If the striker falls in to the hole without pocketing any carrom-men, it is considered as a "minus" and thus the team which scored the minus should place one of their pocketed carrom-men into the game once again. However they need not do so if they pocket a coin along with thecarrom strikers, though they cannot claim that scored coin. If you finish off their coins while the queen is still in play along with your coins, the opponents are declared as winners. You should never finish off your coins while the queen is still in play.