Where do I get the best carrom board and its accessories?


We at carrom gear are famous for selling all the carrom accessories. This game is said to be originated from India or from Asia. One needs lot of concentration and determination to win this game. This game is recognized under indoor games and everyone can play this game. The carrom game consists of a board, coins and a striker. Only two to four players can play at one time.


The boards are originally made out of Sheesham woods and are in square shape with four pockets at four corners. Some of the carrom boards seen at carrom gear are tournament carrom board, club carrom board, 5 star training carrom boards, jumbo training carrom board, extreme training carrom board and 4 star trainer carrom boards. As the name says the 4 star trainers board is for the beginners who are new to this game. The club carrom board are seen at club and made of top quality wood. The jumbo training carrom board needs huge place and is very good for training purpose. The 5 star boards are used by the professional trainers. The tournament boards are hugely in demand and are used only for professional tournaments.


Each game contains a set of 19 light weight coins where nine are black coins and another nine are white coins and the one remaining is referred as the queen. This coins where first made out of wood but you also can find these coins made out of acrylic sheet. Some of the coin set sold at carrom gear are Gold star - amateur, Bullet shot, Tournament - amateur, Champion - amateur and Break to finish professional coins. A gold star - amateur coins are inexpensive and are in great demand because these are usually used by the beginners. The bullet shot coins are especially utilized by the professional players for its quality and features. The colors of these coins are red, black and brown. Tournament amateur coins are only used at tournaments and are made of finely high quality amateur woods which are also durable. Generally the colors of the coins are seen as red, black and tan.

Next important piece need in the carrom game is the carrom striker. The role of a striker in this game is to thrust the coins in to the pockets of the board. The striker comes in four varieties - super fine strikers, ball striker, tournament striker and winning striker. The beginners use the super fine strikers which are light weight and help in saving the time. You can use a powder which smooths the board for easy playing. The base of this powder is made from boric acid which is now scientifically formulated and results in silky smooth powder.


The best quality and incomparable price is what you can expect from carromgear. We guarantee you quality as your satisfaction is our primary objective.

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