An insight into carrom and its accessories






An indoor game that has full fun and joy is the carrom game and it unites the family, in the evening times. Also, when we think of board games, all that strikes our mind is the carrom board game. It is one such fun-filled and easiest game ever. Conjointly it has been accepted and adapted by many countries moreover tournaments are conducted worldwide.

Even though it was originated in the outer reaches of India with no set of rules, there are several other countries that play the game with a special adaptation.The game can be played either by two or four persons. The strategy of the game is so simple and easy to understand.When it comes to board game, carrom accessories play a vital role because without them, the game is absolutely impossible. Just like carrom coins even chess pieces are important.


The main goal of the player is to put on carrom coins into the pocket by hitting the coin with the help of the striker. All that matters is the positioning of the body and the playing tactics. The accessories include carrom board, coins, striker, carrom powder, replacement mesh, score counter and carrom board stand.

We all are aware of the coins and carrom striker but the powder and other accessories might be pretty new to very few. It plays a vital role. Carrom powder is of great use to the board as well as the players. The flow of the coin into the pocket will be easy furthermore the life of the board will extend.

carrom powder

It will eradicate the friction and helps to play the game easily. It should be sprinkle slightly on the other hand excess usage of the powder might result in minus points. Only high quality boric powder helps to cut the friction so make sure that you select the best store to get your carrom accessories. It cuts the friction and helps in the backing of the board; by this means it allows the coins to flow into the pocket easily which results in fast play.

Replacement mesh is quite new term to people who have not heard much about carrom. The main purpose of this accessory is to accumulate the coins beneath the four holes of the board. Finally the score counter is to keep track of score.

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