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About Carrom Gear

Carrom gear one of the most popular online stores in texas. It provides you with wide variety of Carrom Board, Coins, Strikers, Books, and Fitness Accessories, etc. The company provides the best quality of carrom equipment and expands it presence across the world.

Our Product Range:

Different types of Carrom Board, coins, strikers. Accessories-carrom powder, metal and wooden stand, replacement mesh, score counter. Board Games- chess set, business king, ludo devils and ladders, ludo snake and ladders.
Carrom today is the world's preferred indoor games enjoyed with friends and families. Often match up to billiards, marbles. Carrom is easy and simple to understand, fun to play, and appropriate for children and adults alike.

What is carrom?

Carrom is a combination of pool and preferred as indoor family game. The game is played on a wooden board with 4 corner pockets and by flicking a carrom "striker" disc with one's fingers to target carrom "men". The aim is to collect points by dropping your nine pieces, plus the red "queen", in the pockets before your challenger.

What do I need?

Following things are required to play carrom:
Carrom board:
A square wooden board with a very smooth surface, a solid wood border frame on every sides and small netted pockets in every corner.
Carrom men:
A set of nineteen light discs - nine white, nine black and one red. Earlier it was manufactured using polished wood and now made out of acrylic sheet.