Magnetic chess set is a popular board game

Chess board

Generally a board game is played on a marked surface (board). In board games, pieces have to move across the board in various ways, depending on the game. There are thousands of board games, out of which some are simple and can be played with family for fun and others are intricate and involve a plan or strategy to win. Some of the popular board games are chess sets, Business king, Ludo snakes and ladders and Ludo Devils and ladders. Out of this, chess is a wonderful mind game which enables your mind to think.

The game of chess is interesting board games which can improves mental ability and enhance intellectual development of children, adults and oldies. Scientists have done research that if a person plays this popular board game, it can sharpen their memory, improve their logical thinking capacity and help children in their learning ability. It is a proven fact that if kids play this historical game they can perform well in Maths.

There are different types of chess sets in the market. It would be better if you buy an affordable chess set. Buy a magnetic chess set that is compact and has magnet on it. This type of chess set is perfect for travelers and anyone who are on the go. Since these chess pieces and board are made up of magnet, people will be able to use these sets in moving vehicles or in airplane flights. These magnetic fields are so strong that people can turn the board upside down and pieces will still not fall or shift. If you are a regular traveler buy magnetic chess set.