Functional properties of carrom board powder



When we talk about the game carrom, the very first thing that strikes our mind would be the carrom coins or it may be any other carrom accessory but we fail to look at the important accessory that is the powder. When we draw closer to carrom accessories all are aware about the coins, board and striker however, not all are open to the scale of carrom board powder.You can find in loads of goodness in the carrom powder which are interesting as well.

The aim of using this is often as a result of it makes the carrom board smoother for taking part in, and will increase the speed that your carrom striker can slide across the board. The carrom powder is some things that are very silky and can offer the specified resistance free play space. Assorted, it'll additionally help within the sturdiness of your board game. Furthermore it's necessary that solely a little measure i.e. a really very little amount ought to be used and in no method 2 differing types of powders ought to be used on a board. Hence, this states that the powder is large enough to last for months.


They are very vital for playing the board game; it is employed and applied on the board by sprinkling on the board's surface. This is often done to scale back friction which enhances the sleek and quick play. There are 2 kinds of Carrom powder. The traditional Carrom powder may be a boric acid primarily based powder and it is known to most of us.Moreover it is commonly found in most on the market.

A unique powder has come back into play within the market today. It's simply on the market in several stores across the country. This super fine powder comes in small plastic bottles and its various added advantages. Non-toxic and sensible performances are a number of options. The number used is extremely less which can suffice a play. Super fine powder is price effective additionally and it's terribly messy.

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On the whole the game requires intense precision and execution. As a player you should pocket the coins quickly before your opponent does so it is a must to play well and make use of the chance. Thus, this carrom powder will help you to play the game easily. There are several carrom champs out there, who can score all of their coins along with the red coin within a single chance, so make sure that, you take the right step by getting quality powder that will help you by pocketing your coins very easily. Furthermore, quality powder can make the game turn out to be quite exciting and entertaining when played with competition.


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