Carrom coins - the heart of the game



Originally started as a fun game meant for family during leisure hours, it went on to become famous and most loved fun indoor game and officially got recognized by international standards and is now being played in international tournaments.

Carrom as a game has several names. It is also known as carrum, couronne, karam, karom, karum, fata in Punjab and finger billiards. The mechanics of the game lies in between billiards and table shuffleboard. It is believed to have originated in India. The game never had any rules initially. Formal rules were first published in the year 1988. It employs simple equipment which allows the game to have a wider player base. In simple words it is not a congested board game.


The accessories of the game are very simple both to handle as well as understand. You have a basic component called as the carrom board, set of coins, and board powder for maintaining the board smooth and a striker for striking the coin. In some scenarios you might have seen a board stand being employed whilst players sit on a stool. That's not necessary always; you can also place the board on the floor and sit along the floor.

As per international standards, either you end up playing against each other as singles match just like in tennis, table tennis etc. Or you play in doubles with a team comprising of two players sitting opposite to each other. Thus at a time only four players can play the game.

The Carrom Coins comprises of three basic colors. They are white, black and red. 9 Coins of white and black are used while one red coin is used. You can either stack the coins or place the coins along the board in a recognized standard followed at an international event. The former technique is not followed officially. However the former has certain set of rules such as, all four players can participate individually and they can put any coin. White coins carry 2 points whilst black carries 1 point and the red carries 5 points. In official games, when a doubles match is conducted, a team is allowed to put only one set of coins (either black or white). The first team to score all of their coins (when red is already claimed) wins the game. Red coins needs to be followed up with the particular team's colored coin whomsoever scored the red coin, in order to be claimed as theirs. A carrom striker is used to score these coins. There are four holes along the board and you score your coin by putting it into any one of these holes.


You can make use of carrom powder to maintain the board smooth which allows the coins to drift in a non turbulent way. Boric powder is more commonly used. However in some games players use anti-set-off spray powder which is very fine and nicely grinded.You can play without the powder also. But not without the board or the coins. Thus if board is the body of the sport, coins are indeed the heart of the game.

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