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Carrom board is one of the most loved indoor games among several beings. It is fun, it provides entertainment, and it brings the family together. At a time only four players can play the game, however less than four players, especially three can also play the game when it is not played officially. But it requires minimum two players to have a contest or play a game. The game became official in the later stages of 20th century and it is now played in international tournaments. In fact it is played all across the world. The official rules of the game were established in 1988.


The board consists of 9 white coins and 9 black coins along with 1 red coin. You are provided with a carrom striker to strike these coins. In official games, 2 teams of 2 players each play against each other. The 2 members representing their respective team sit across each other. There are four holes provided along the corridors of the board and the team's goal is simple. It is to strike their group of colored coins into these holes. In order to claim the red coin which carries 5 points, the team who struck it has to follow up with another coin which belongs to their colored group. Besides if they finish off all of their coins and the red coin is still in the game, they end up losing the game. The player can strike using any of his 10 fingers which means even thumbing (use of thumb) is allowed. These rules were laid by the ICF (International Carrom Foundation).

carrom powder

However these set of carrom accessories alone is not enough to play the game. Yes you might need the carrom board, its Carrom Coins and striker, and without which the basic essentials for the game is neglected. In order for a smooth game we require carrom powder. You can play without the powder but the board and its coins along with striker undergo wear and tear. The quality of the above mentioned items are lost. This spoils not only the present game, but also future games. In fact you might end up buying each of the above mentioned items for every game eventually. And that's not feasible financially over the long term. For maintenance issues, we make use of the carrom powder which allows the coins to drift and move smoothly. The smoothness of the carrom board surface is also maintained.

Carrom board powder comes in two basic forms. Usually people use the boric powder made up of boric acid which allows the coins to slide easily. However in UK many players use an anti-set-off spray powder invented from the printing industry. It has special electro-static properties with particles of 50 micrometers in diameter. The powder is made from pure, food grade vegetable starch. The boric powder comes in 70gms, 170gms, 250gms and 1 kg. The spray powder made from potato starch commonly known as potato starch carrom powder come in 100ml and 200 ml.


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