Carrom And Its Increasing Fame

A brief insight on Carom Board game

Many people still don't know about carrom in United States. But it is becoming popularity abroad, especially in North America. According to U.S. Carrom Association, the history of the game of Carrom is shrouded in obscurity. Some say this game was originated in India, some say Britain, Ethopia, Egypt or Burma. Still people don't know about its origin. In last century, this game gained popularity in India and in various parts of South Asia.

First carom competition took place in 1935 in Sri Lanka. In 1980, many European Club teams were holding tournaments on their own. The 2010 Carrom world cup is scheduled to be held in late September in Richmond, Virginia.

Carom is played on a 29 inch wooden smooth platform. It has 4 corner pockets.  The game has 9 white coins, 9 black coins, red queen and a striker. With the help of a striker, players try to sink their nine pieces as well as queen, before their opponent.

Learning this game requires some time and mastering it even longer.  Take some time to review game rules and tactics before playing. There are various websites that may help you in learning basics. Find a club in your area and attend their competitions and practice meetings.

Once you have mastered the basic skills, try out complex strategies. Start aiming for more difficult pieces to make the game go quicker and rack up points earlier. Create difficult shots for your opponent to slow his progress. Instead of playing singles carom, go in for doubles to learn from your partner and you can pick up new skills.