Board games within your budget

You may one of the millions of people struggling to fulfill your kids' extension birthday list. You may be feeling guilty for not being able to get everything they want. Don't despair! What children require is interaction and family time. You may not give them the most expensive toy, but giving them something they can appreciate is all that's needed. Sometimes simple things do the trick. There are various inexpensive games that won't break your budget and also keep your child happy. They are chess set, Ludo Snakes and ladders, Business king, Ludo Devils and ladders etc.

Board games are fun to play?

Board games are irresistible as bunch of people gather around a table to play. Many kids enjoy playing board games as they get together with their friends and have all-night board game event. It's the only time when they don't get complaints about noise from their parents. Every parent has childhood memories with board games. Many boring day were turned into fun afternoons after chess, snakes and ladders,Business king or some similar board game were pulled out of a drawer.

Most families have favorite carrom boards that they keep handy. There are some board games which can be found in everyone's house. Following are a list of classic board games. If you don't have them, you should buy it today from

Board games make your child smarter

Childhood education experts agree that most children learn better by doing hands on activities in order to learn. Classic board games can help make your children smarter. Not only will they learn basic reading and math skills, but also learn problem solving, strategy and critical thinking skills.

Some of the classic board games that you can sit with your friends and family to play are as follows:

1. Ludo snakes and ladders:

This is a classic game which can come within your budget. It requires 2 or more players rolling dice and moving along a grid of squares numbered 1 to 100. You can land on squares with snakes on them that force you down to a lower level square or ladders or move up to higher squares along the grid. It is a fantastic game for children and helps teach them how to count and learn to win and lose. This game is priced well below other comparative board games.

2. Magnetic chess set:

Magnetic chess set is a classic board game which can make your child smarter. They can learn problem solving, strategy and critical thinking sikill. If you're fond of playing chess on the move, it may be difficult to keep all the pieces in their proper square. A magnetic chess set solves this problem. If you're on a long trip with your kids by car, a magnetic chess set can make your child concentrate on the game and make the trip less stressful. Magnetic chess sets also known as travel chess sets are ideal gifts for children, adolescents and even adults. Buy magnetic chess set from carom shop online at less than $10.

Other board games that are inexpensive and available within your budget are Ludo Devils and ladders and Business King. Among these which one is your favorite board game.